Detroit Style Pizza Co.:  History In The Baking

Detroit Style Pizza Co. is taking the world by storm, and you get to be part of the pizza revolution simply by enjoying our new, authentic Detroit Style Pizza recipe!

You’ve never tasted pizza like this before.  After 18 years in the business, Detroit Style Pizza Co. co-founder Shawn Randazzo went to work crafting his very own Detroit Style Pizza recipe.  After months of research and trials, he knew he’d made the perfect pizza.  The recipe was so good that Shawn was crowned 2012 Pizza Maker of the Year.  It’s the pizza industry’s most prestigious award.

But Shawn and his mother, Detroit Style Pizza Co. co-founder Linda Michaels, didn’t rest on their laurels.  The new flavor was so great that the pair decided to launch a new pizzeria to share their original, revolutionary recipe with the world.  Detroit Style Pizza Co. was born!

So, what makes Detroit Style Pizza Co.’s pizza the World’s Best? 

Gathering around the table to make memories with family and friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  We know you’re not just another person, and we want you to know that Detroit Style Pizza Co. isn’t just another pizzeria.  Being part of our customers’ lives, seeing your smiles and hearing your laughter are the greatest rewards on earth.  You belong here.

Making the world’s best pizza takes more than a bit of experience; it takes passion and dedication to get it right every time.  That’s why every Detroit Style Pizza Co. pie is made from the freshest dough and highest-quality ingredients prepared in the authentic Detroit Style Pizza fashion by expert pizza chefs, then served with a smile to people we’re passionate about pleasing.  People like you.

The new Detroit Style Pizza Co. recipe is revolutionary, yet has all the authenticity of the traditional Detroit Style Pizza served in 1946.  Each Detroit Style Pizza Co. pie is artfully crafted from the bottom up with:

  • Our new, award-winning dough that’s soft and airy on the inside yet crispy on the outside
  • We layer the dough with pepperoni and edge-to-edge brick and mozzarella cheeses that caramelize on the crust when baked
  • Only the freshest, highest-quality toppings make it on to our pizzas
  • True to Motor City tradition, our pizzas are baked in well-seasoned square blue steel pans
  • Each pizza is naturally baked in deck ovens to retain all its flavorful goodness
  • We ladle on our signature red sauce to top off the Detroit Style Pizza we’re so proud to serve

Spread The Revolution!
It wouldn’t be fair to keep our delicious award-winning recipe to ourselves.  That’s why Detroit Style Pizza Co.’s mission is to increase awareness by serving an authentic Detroit Style Pizza and sharing its history, educating others, and expanding our business while creating memories and opportunities.

Join the revolution today by trying Detroit Style Pizza Co. pizza for yourself.  As you savor each chewy, cheesy, scintillating slice, think of how you’ll help tell the world about Detroit Style Pizza Co.  Then let your friends and family in on the secret.  Share it on Facebook and Twitter, or send a pizza as a gift using our unique mail order service.  Have an entrepreneurial spirit?  It’s your turn to make history – take the next step and contact us to find out how you can serve authentic Detroit Style Pizza Co. pizza in your own pizzeria!

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