Detroit Style Pizza Pan Lids

The new Detroit Style Pizza pan lids are clear, which allows pizza chefs to monitor the dough without exposing it to airborne debris, dust and other contaminants. The lids also feature a stackable profile that can save up to 30 percent of counter space versus traditional bagged dough. The lids fit both the large (10 in. x 14 in.) and small (8 in. x 10 in.) Detroit Style Pizza Co. pan sizes, and allow both the large and small to be stacked on top of one another.

Baking Authentic Detroit Style Pizza requires a stringent dough proofing process, and our new lids afford pizza chefs a far more consistent rise. When the dough is pressed out in pans and covered with bags, the bags can allow for uneven heat distribution that limits batch consistency. Our new lids maintain even heat distribution and allow pizza chefs to see when the dough is ready. Your walk-in and proofing areas will also look clean an organized.

10.25″ X 14.25″ Transparent Stack-able Detroit Style Pizza Pan Lids

Detroit Style Pizza Pan Lids are available at our resource website:

Fits 8x10 Pans
Fits 8×10 & 10×14 Pans
Can stack both sizes together
Stack both sizes together
Secure and nesting fit
Secure and nesting fit
Stackable to save work space
Stack-able saving space
Commercial grade pan lids
Commercial grade pan lids




Detroit Style Pizza Pan Lids are available at our resource website:

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